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Education Environment In Delhi Ncr

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it becomes quite clear that the teaching standards and the environment presented by the respect schools and universities to be up-to-the-mark. 

Delhi has been long accredited with producing some of the finest gentlemen of the modern era. The quality of education put forward by the educationists in the state is indispensable when it comes to proving their mettle in the society. All the teachers combined with the aura that they create plus the overall environment, schooling in Delhi seems nothing short of brilliant. No doubt the literacy rate in Delhi is 86.21 per cent. 

Boards of Education


There are mainly two boards of education that hold the forte in Delhi: CBSE and ICSE. While different schools follow different boards, it’s merely the choice of the parent and the student alike as to choose between the two. There are no, as such, shortcomings of either of the two boards although both hold their share of differences. Let us understand a clad more about the two education boards by enlightening a few pros and cons for both of them: 

CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education):-



Almost all major competitive exams in the country (including IIT-JEE, AIPMT, etc.) are based as per the CBSE syllabus

CBSE is much more easier when compared to its counterpart

A certificate from the CBSE Board is recognized throughout the country 


Practical knowledge is not the focus point of CBSE-oriented schools

Theoretical approach is what forms the foundation of the CBSE board 


ICSE (Indian Certificate of Secondary Education):- 


The syllabus followed is much more comprehensive and complete

Certification from the ICSE board has recognition around the world

Great emphasis is laid on English and ICSE students may find an exclusive edge while facing exams like TOEFL 


The students may find the syllabus as too extensive

A slight lack leniency in evaluating papers 

In the end, it all comes down to the choices made by the respected parents. 

Quality of Education


The quality of education in Delhi is considered to be among the best. It hosts the majority of superlative schools and colleges in the country and boasts of excellent staff and students alike, making the future of any attendee safe and secure. The majority of schools present in Delhi are private/public and present the opportunity to gain excellent education to all the applicants. 

Private/Public Schools

The advantage of sending your child to a private/public school in Delhi would be the prospect of having your child taught in English from the word go. Every private/public school in the state provides best in class education while not compensating with the Indian ethnic values. If there was to found a disadvantage in the state’s education facility then it would not be wrong to point out the lack of seats in public/private schools. It is quite difficult for a child to enrol himself/herself in the city’s top schools. 

International Schools

Many people consider providing foreign exposure to their children of utmost importance and thereby prefer to enroll their children in the International Schools. Delhi plays host to a number of International Schools. Here, not only the degree of Education is superlative and as per the International standards but also the students gain the much needed exposure to the outside world. Some of the prominent International School in Delhi include “The British School” and “The American Embassy School” among others. 

Average Results 

Delhi has, over the years, produced some outstanding students. The state constantly features among the top result providers of the country with hoards of students crossing the 90 per cent mark. With its exemplary teaching staff and equally outstanding students, Delhi provides results of the top order.


Accommodation and Stay 

Delhi features state-of-the-art buildings along with equally robust facilities. Some of the best hotels are located in Delhi. Along with the high-end hotels and services, the state features an array of PG accommodations that are usually much cheaper and sometimes, even more comfortable than staying at a hotel. 

The people in Delhi are very friendly and polite and do not pose any problems or atrocities as such. The food is quite nice with health being at the helm of it and people find it much easier to settle here owing to the genial crowd that is affluent in both English and Hindi. Almost all building located in the state are furnished with easy and cheap accommodations available throughout it.

 Fee Structure 

As they say that all things don’t come free, same shall be accounted for the schools in Delhi. The fee structure though is not overly exaggerated but is not so solemn as well. If we were to average it out, one shall be ready to spend around 8-20 thousand rupees on the schooling of their child on a monthly/quarterly basis. 


There are as such no problems with the schooling of your child in Delhi but if we view the general picture of the state with all its modern schooling techniques and state-of-the-art facilities and sound structures among other such things; one thing that proves to be hindering the pathway would be educating the poor. Almost all of the government schools present in Delhi lack an appreciable staff and using English as the medium of language. If there could be one thing that shall be improved upon in the education system of Delhi, that would be to improve the schooling facilities for the underprivileged. 

Top Schools in Delhi

Some of the best schools in Delhi include:

  • The Shri Ram School
  • Springdales School
  • Vasant Valley School
  • Modern School
  • D.P.S, R.K Puram
  • Sanskriti School
  • The Mother’s International School
  • Sardar Patel Vidyalaya
  • DPS, Dwarka
  • Springdales Public School
  • DPS, Vasant Kunj
  • Nirmal Bhartia School
  • Mirambika
  • Ahlcon International School
  • Bluebells International School
  • St. Francis De Sales School
  • Bal Bharati School
  • Montfort School
  • Tagore International School
  • Apeejay