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Education Environment In Chennai

Engineering as Career

The literacy rate in Chennai is almost 90 per cent, making it one of the most sought after places to study by Indian standards. The hospitality and the nature of the people living in Chennai, is quite sober and amiable. People from different parts of the country/world don’t find much problem living and adjusting in Chennai owing to the lovely locations and extremely friendly people. 

Boards of Education


Schools in Chennai are basically public or private. The private institutes are run via financial aid by the government. The public schools offer education in both English and Tamil medium whereas in private, English is the only medium available. Various boards are followed here including CBSE, ICSE, NIOS board and the Montessori system.

State Board
Pros- Almost all students are able to pass the exams easily. It is easier than CBSE and ICSE. 
Cons- They lack practical knowledge competition and students generally lag behind in competitive exams.

Pros- The syllabus is aimed at meeting the needs of various entrance exams like medical and engineering.
Cons- Students don’t acquire practical knowledge; only theoretical values are their input.

Pros- The syllabus is quite difficult when compared to the other boards.
Cons- Students find it hard to study so many subjects.

This board conducts examination only up to class X. The next two years is shifted to the state board syllabus. 

Pros- It is considered higher than state board but lower than CBSE or ICSE.
Cons- The method is quite different from normal learning; analytical thinking is specifically low among the students. 

Quality of Education 

Chennai has always been known for providing quality education to the students. Even the famous cartoonist, Sir R.K. Narayan was brought up on this terrific land. The staff and the facilities available in Chennai are quite appreciable and provide ample amount of growth to the students. All modern resources are available throughout the land, helping students do their best with the help of the best!

There are more than 572 public, 27 private and 6 International schools in Chennai which offer top quality education.

Average results 

Chennai has, over the years, delivered desirable results with the average going on an upward trajectory starting from 85 per cent. The students have always managed to come out on the top and produce magnificent results. 

Fee Structure 

On an average, the fee structure in almost every school varies between five thousand rupees to twenty thousand rupees on a quarterly basis. Keeping that in mind, the fee is therefore, something not much to worry about for it is quite affordable. 


The hotels around the area are quite luxurious but going as per student needs, PG Accommodations would just do the trick. Although hotels available in the state are not much expensive either but PG’s feel much more like home. And also, they are quite cheap when compared to the sumptuous hotels.


The food available is mostly South Indian. The North Indian travellers don’t get easily accustomed to such cuisine and so the other cuisines are also available. All in all, it’s a beautiful place to live in. 


There are as such no challenges to the current scenario of education in Chennai. With superlative facilities and equally advanced students, Chennai makes up for a top-notch destination for studying. Although, if we were to point out any one thing in particular then that would definitely be the communication gap that exists between locals and non locals. But with English coming to the fore, people have slowly started to understand each other better and express themselves better.



Some of the top schools in Chennai include:- 

  • PSBB School
  • Sishya School
  • The School-KFI
  • Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan's Rajaji Vidyashram
  • The SBOA School and Junior College
  • Abacus Montessari School
  • St. John’s International Residential School
  • Lady Andal VSR School
  • P.S. Senior Secondary School
  • DAV Boys Senior Secondary School