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Education Environment In Bangalore

Engineering as Career

be it due to the rulers, British or finally the present day government; but fortunately, all this intransience has made Bangalore what it is today – A Mecca of education.


As far as the crowd is considered, Bangalore is filled with genial people who love helping each other out. The whole state is sort of, infused with the passion to study and bring something new to the board and in this race to being among the best of the best, Bangalore doesn’t lag behind. The students are all competitive with only top grades and superlative companies on their minds and do their best to fulfill them. Any student who wishes to pursue an amalgamation of scholastic and co-curricular development or simply, complete development shall look forward to Bangalore. 

Boards of education


The inexhaustible list consists not only of CBSE or ICSE, but also SSLC, IGCSE, IB and NIOS to name a few. International Baccalaureate (IB) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) are for those students who wish to pursue undergraduation abroad, providing the students an edge in terms of the curricula. The students are made to push their boundaries and polished to be able to survive on the international platform. 

The concept of Pre University (PUC) is also prevalent in the south, along with diploma courses and professional degree through lateral work. 

Quality of education


Though not officially considered as a metropolitan city, Bangalore is not far behind the Big Fours in terms of the quality of education imparted. With a whopping literacy rate of 88.62% it just proves the level of commitment and hard work the city has put in the field of education. 

The two types of schools predominantly present here are either government run or private. Humongous amounts of money is being invested in the education sector to develop it further. 

Average results


Embellished with some of the brightest minds of the country, it comes as no surprise that the results coming from the state ate not just overwhelming, but deserving too. A student from Siri Lions English School secured the highest marks in the Secondary School Leaving Certificate (SSLC) examinations in the year 2015, a raging 623 from the total of 625. 

Accommodation and Stay 

The city of Bangalore is like a colorful landscape on an artist's canvas, painted beautifully to capture its very essence. The infrastructure and international level facilities available are a boon for students looking for places to lodge at. Along with the availability of picturesque motels, there are plenty of PG accommodations available at cheap rates as well. On the whole though, Bangalore promises a comfortable and loveable stay, to say the least.


Although, the language barrier can be a problem sometimes, the majority of people here speak in English, making communication simpler. And with the introduction of FDI, Pizza Hut is just a call away.


Fee structure


The cost of living isn't that high, and though the fees isn't very cheap, it is not unaffordable either. 

Well known schools like the Notre Dame Academy charges something around 58k yearly as tuition fee. Or on an average, it will cost something around 15000 rupees quarterly, which isn't that costly, if we think about it.



To live up to its 'IT hub' image, schools in Bangalore should try to incorporate computer related courses in their curricula and organize internships at the various firms present there for more exposure. 

Schemes and projects must be undertaken to let the poverty stricken attend schools as well. Teachers should be regularly tested to have knowledgeable, competent mentors for the kids. 

Top schools in Bangalore 

Some of the best schools in Bangalore are as given below (in no particular order) -


1. The Valley School

2. Indus International School

3. Vidya Niketan

4. Inventure Academy

5. Greenwood High School

6. Stonehill International School

7. St. Joseph's Boys High School

8. DPS, Bangalore

9. Ryan International School

10. Sarala Birla Academy